Asbestosis Lung Cancer And Mesothelioma A Result Of Occupational Asbestos Exposure

In line with increasing people awareness about asbestos exposure to a number of deadly diseases, many research have been conducted in order to find a cure for the disease. A study which talk about the relationship between asbestos fibers exposure with victims habit to smoke has been conducted. The study is written by G K Sluis-Cremer, B N Bezuidenhout and Br J Ind Med entitled Relation between asbestosis and bronchial cancer in amphibole asbestos miners . The study analyzed 35 cases of bronchial cancer with 24 cases were associated with asbestosis. As for 11 cases related to bronchial cancer occurred in men without asbestosis, it was found that all of the patients were smokers. Standardized proportional mortality rates indicated there is no progressively raised in men with slight or moderate/severe asbestosis. The four cases made a small contribution but not significant when the variables are introduced separately into a logistic regression model. Also there is no significant contribution from other two exposure. It can be conclude that a bronchial cancer in a man exposed to asbestos is unlikely to be due to asbestos.Asbestosis lung cancer and mesothelioma a result of occupational asbestos exposure

Another study from C Magnani and friends is trying to analyze mortality among wives of workers in the asbestos cement industry in Casale Monferrato, Italy. The study analyze that after the exclusion of women with an occupational record in the asbestos cement industry, the cohort comprised 1964 women. It is estimated that 1740 had a period of domestic exposure whereas the remaining 224 married an asbestos cement worker only after he definitely stopped his activity in the asbestos cement plant. It has been considered as unexposed. It was recorded that 1669 women were alive, 270 were dead and 25 (1.2%) were untraced. There are 4 cases od death from pleural tumours (one diagnosed as mesothelioma at necropsis) and six from lung cancer v. 0.5 and 4.0 expected respectively.

A third study is entitle Asbestosis: a marker for the increased risk of lung cancer among workers exposed to asbestos by Weiss W.  Chest. The study examined the hypothesis that excess lung cancer risk in worker cohorts exposed to asbestos occurs only among those with asbestosis. It took literature support for the hypothesis. It is reported that there is a high correlation between asbestosis rates and lung cancer rates in 38 cohorts in contrast to a poor correlation between cumulative exposure data and lung cancer relative risks in eight cohorts with adequate data. The evidence showed that asbestosis is a much better predictor of excess lung cancer risk than measures of exposure.


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